Hello guys, i need help. I just began to learn c++, and i have a problem. How to write a program, which count numbers in a interval from k to n. I now the program is simple but i just can t bring it to work. Im using the loop for here what i write:

#include <iostream.h>
void main()
int suma = 0;
int k;
int n;
int x;
cout << "k";
cin >> k;
cout << "n";
cin >> n;

for ( x = 0; x > k; x < n)
cout += x;
I now the problem is in cout and in x. Can anyone help!

what does your for suposed to do?
I don't think you get how the for works for(statement; condition; statement2)
for bucle will do the first statement at the begining. Then it will do the inside function (the code inside the for till the condition returns false.
at the end of every bucle cycle the second statement wil be done... sorry for my inglish.

I now the problem is in cout and in x. Can anyone help!

You're not using cout properly in the loop. It looks like you want cout << x . Here are some examples.

Also, the for loop isn't right. Here's a description of how they work. What you want is:

for (x = k; x <= n; x++)
    cout << x;


  • x = k : Initial statement. You want to start counting with k , so start x there.
  • x <= n : Conditional expression. You want to count all the way to n , so keep looping as long as x is less than or equal to n . You don't want x < n because that would stop your loop at n - 1 .
  • x++ : Loop statement. Add one to x each time around the loop. You don't need an extra x++ inside the loop.

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