I'm writing a program and right now i need to get definition of a word user enters.
for example users enters a sentence : Gosh C# sure is fun.
and after i split it i need to find the definition of fun.
I tried fething .html of a definition sucks as dictionary.com/browse/fun
It kinda works but i can't think of a decent way to find the definition in the html because of ... complications(spacing, random crap)
How do i do it? Any suggestions how to do it offline? I just need a solution.

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What is your question here -- how to look up a word definition or how to split words? For getting the words in a sentence you should use RegEx.

Here is an example:

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      const string sentence = "The quick, and fat, brown|lazy fox jumped. on Top _ of the_ compuer@ uh oh.";
      string[] words = Regex.Split(sentence, @"\W+");
      Console.WriteLine("Words: " + string.Join(", ", words));

It splits on word boundaries and should do what you want. The output from the above code is:

Words: The, quick, and, fat, brown, lazy, fox, jumped, on, Top, _, of, the_, compuer, uh, oh,

I know how to split them I just need to find a way how to get a definition. I tried using google.com with "define:"+myWord query. It kinda worked. I got a page but im having trouble parsing it for pure definitions. And now it simply wont respond anymore. I think google kidna blocked it. ANYWAYS. can you think of any other way of finding a definition, part of speech of a word?

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