Hi and I have just downloaded the Irrlicht gaming engine and although I have had a briefing about it from a friend I can't seem make it do what I want. I got the demo which is nearly what my result will look like but then I tried switching from the pk3 format to 3ds and am finding this section of it's syntax poorly documented so does anybody know how to do this. Basically by default it loads quake3 maps but I want to use 3ds maps. The related code I'm using is as follows:

/*if (device->getFileSystem()->existFile("map-20kdm2.pk3"))
	if (device->getFileSystem()->existFile("untitled.3ds"))

The commented piece is the original code and the uncommented piece is what I tried replacing with although I experimented with zip files etc. Does anybody know how I can do this and keeping the 3d collisions in place.

If anybody can solve this I shall hand out rep points as I believe it's a hard one. Thanks for any replies that may come.

bumpedy bump bump!

I managed to import a 3ds file with 3d collisions although I haven't yet embedded gravity however one other problem remains. How to I increase the Line Of Sight for the camera because currently half the model is being chopped off at the distance. Does anybody know how to fix this? Please help anybody?

O'well, found the answer myself when randomly changing code. As Magyver says, you can find the solution be eliminating all of the impossibilities.

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