Ive been told that i can make Iphone Apps using java, but what IDE/File Extension/Code Structure do i use?

can i simply use a converter program to swap my current java code into an iphone App or would i need to code from scratch?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated

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iPhone is not Java enbaled device so you cannot use JSE or JME.
You can do development with objective-C however SDK require Mac OS (therefore you need Apple Mac) and the cracked version used by so many on PC will not work with it (at least it did not few months back).

You will better do learning Android...


Yeah you've been taught wrong. You have to learn objective c among other tools. This (from my class) is a good reference material:


But if you have any more questions about the iphone and objective c, etc, post them in the appropriate forum (which I think would be 'other languages' unless you have more questions about Java & the iphone)


Yep. iPhones dont have Java. And the SDK only runs on OSX. And Objective C is evil (as is Cocoa).

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