I am not sure if this is the correct category for VXML but it is very similar to XML; so I am hoping this will fly. Please move to another forum if necessary.

I am a Grad-Student and my thesis is working with VXML. I have built my application to properly build the VXML and test it on the Voice Server. Everything is working up to this point, woohoo!

The VXML is stored on a web server as it is a web application that builds it. I have read about calling javascript from within VXML. I would like the script to call a PHP script to log information about the caller. The only way I know to do this is with AJAX, however, I am not sure how to have the voice browser support an XMLHTTPRequest. Any pointers to tutorials or examples would be greatly appreciated.

I thought I should add. The point of the PHP script is to update the MySQL database on the web server. Perhaps there is a better way to do this then call a PHP script?

Thanks again.

VoiceXML's main goal is to bring the full power of Web development and content delivery to voice response applications, and to free the authors of such applications from low-level programming and resource management. It enables integration of voice services with data services using the familiar client-server paradigm. A voice service is viewed as a sequence of interaction dialogs between a user and an implementation platform. The dialogs are provided by document servers, which may be external to the implementation platform. Document servers maintain overall service logic, perform database and legacy system operations, and produce dialogs. A VoiceXML document specifies each interaction dialog to be conducted by a VoiceXML interpreter. User input affects dialog interpretation and is collected into requests submitted to a document server. The document server replies with another VoiceXML document to continue the user's session with other dialogs.