Hi all,

I would like to know some links that could help me get a hang of using a database instead of the plain old file handling with C.

Can somebody help !!


you will need to learn SQL query language and, possibly ODBC functions. google for those keywords and you will get pleanty of help and some free c++ classes. This is no small feat -- there are entire books written on those two subjects. Definitely not for begining c and c++ students, you will need at least a fundamental understanding of those languages.

I am perfectly comfortable with the two languages separately but not aware how to go about connectivity issues and implementing the query in C.

Is there a specific compiler that accepts SQL queries??

Pls do send in afew links that i could read ...


All the normal compilers will work with the SQL commands if you set up the path for header and library files and include the required header file in your prorgram. So you can continue using the compiler which you are using right now (cant say the same if you are using Turbo C).

You can search on google for [search]mysql and c++[/search].

If you google for ODBC you will find a lot of information. and this tutorial

Thanks a lot for the link..
I think thats all the info i needed.

Thanks again..

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