Hi, this is the final step of my program, so far I've set a button to change the default save location and now the last step is to be able to click on the serialized file and have it open in my form. The problem is I don't know how to do this.

I was thinking after setting file association doing something on form load, another problem is it needs to be displayed in form2 and will also need to be deserialized, if you want me to attach my project just say.


You can allow your user to select the file to open with OpenFileDialog..., then use XmlSerializer.Deserialize to read in your object(s). Once your object is loaded, just populate the form(s) with the read data. You might also want to see: Serialize method..., which you can use with your filename to save the object(s).

If having a particular problem with the above, just post or attach the code.

I am using binary serilization for this. The problem isn't using a dilog to select the file i've done that already what i want to do is select the file which will then open up the form and display the information like a .doc file with microsoft word.