Hi, i finished writing my project and am trying to publish in order to use it on another computer.
when publishing i get 2 files that have the same effect of just running the program (one called "setup" and the other <programName>.exe). is this an indication of somthing wrong?

but anyway, those files work.

when i transfer them to a diffrent computer and try to run them i get the following error message:
"cannot continue. the application is improperly formatted. contact the application vendor for assitance"

any ideas why this is happening and how i can get around it?


Yeah one is the setup.exe and <Name>.msi. The setup.exe is just a wrapper to call the MSI file. Some older versions of windows don't support MSI files for installing so you are given both versions. Just give out the MSI as most people will be able to install it nowdays.