I am a brand new programmer (took a semester of it during the winter at college) and it really kicked my butt. I want to major in computer science, so i know that i'll be taking a lot of programming classes and will need to better all of my skills. Does anybody know of any recommendations of any helpful books weblinks or anything of the sort?? You would be my hero if you could help me out!! :cheesy:

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My dear Its require more and more practice on the programming language.

at the movement you shold focus on the practice becouse practice makes a man perfect.


If you have interest in mathematical computing, you could try Project Euler. Also, you could join one of the many projects on SourceForge or Savannah, or simply download the source code from a few of them to read it. Finally, you could try learning about different languages, as this can give you a lot of insight as to what is specific to a language versus what is common across languages - look at Rosetta Code for examples from several different languages.

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