Sorry for disturb you all, but a I'm newbie..because my teacher give a assignment..

this my assignment..

Machine Problem

1. Make a C program that will display "I will pass PRGLF" on the center of the screen.

2. Design a program in C language that will display "#" at every corners of the screen.

3. Construct a program that will display your name, address, and contact number on the upper left corner of the screen.

4. Create a program in C language that will input a temperature in Celsius and display the equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit. (F = 9C/5 + 32)

5. Write a program that will input length in inches and output the equivalent in meters. 1 inches = 2.54 cm, 1 m =100 cm.

i trust in this site for programming... i happy i see this site.

we almost made it half way through step #1, until we ran into a rather significant problem:

this my assignment..

1. Make a C program

Fyi: you are in a C++ forum.

sorry.. i can't start a C++ code, because i don't know what C++ code can start.. I newbie and freshmen in this C++ programming.. i studies this C++ programming but i can't understand all about.. >.<

All this 'Design a program that will put 'xyz' on a certain point on the screen' sounds like you're using turbo c.

Look into gotoxy or whatever it is perhaps?

# 1 this my code but error..

main ()
clrscr ();
gotoxy (35,12);
printf ("I will pass PRGLF");

I don't have turbo c so I can't really help you.

Search for aheader file which contains these functions under Turbo C

clrscr ();
gotoxy (35,12);