amenu driven program using link list data structure,which keeps track of student record of auniversity. the system should maintain at least the following information about student.
name year
age CGPA

Nick Evan commented: Too lazy to even ask a proper question . -2

I'm assuming English is a second language for you, which may be why you have trouble asking for help.

The first thing I would do is to design a structure to hold the information for one student. Since there needs to be a linked list that structure will have to have a pointer to the next node in the list.

struct student
    struct student* next; 
    // Add the rest of the student information here

Then you will have to add prompts so that you can enter the data from the keyboard. Or put the data in a file, then use ifstream to read the data from the file.

That's enough to get you started. Now go to your computer and start writing code. Write only a small bit at a time, compile, fix errors, then write some more. Don't try to write the whole program at one time without compiling because you will get to many errors that it will be difficult to correct.

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