hi all i have a book using vbasic by babani books, it gives an example of a form with with one textbox,and 1 command button and code.

but gives a referance as follows, before running code return to design form,select the print command button use ctrl+c ctrl+v and drag two buttons onto the form, rename one button to quit.

by pressing the print command button should open the program and print on the face of the form..

but where is the print command button??? there is a printer icon on toolbar , but no printer button that i can find in the toolbox or active x controls, or any referance to a print command button in any vb6 books i have.

so is there a mistake in book as the only way i can see is to create one using a command button from toolbox and giving it the print caption and revelnt command code.

thank you

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There isn't a 'printer button' as such. You can make one, by using a standard command button to launch the common dialog control and make it display the printer dialog. You have to manage the actual printing bit in code. though.

See this tutorial for the basics.. http://www.developerfusion.com/show/86/

Good luck

thanks alan going back over exercises in book ,they had put a command button on a form and renamed it print, which i had not noticed, my second error was trying to use copy/paste from standard toolbar, rather than copy paste from drop down menu of command button.

i have now managed to copy "print" button on to another form which was the action described in book.

thank you

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