guyz i need begner in c++.then problem gave my prof 2me is.GET THE LCD(less common denomnator) input by the user.then i sucesfly made it.she gave us another prob again.REDUCE THE LCD U GOT..and i dont know what is the statemnt i will input.WAITING FOR REPLY THANKS..

need help...i don't know what condition will i put if numerator is not equal to denominator the input come from the user.
then how to reduce the answer?

I will help you out, but first please try to make your post more readable next time. It would probably help to type more slowly and preview what you have written.

The LCD refers to the "Least Common Denominator" so if we take a sequence of numbers: 5, 10, 20

We would list the multiples of 5, and then 10, and then 20 and see where the common denominator is. For our numbers, the LCD would be 20.

That should help get you going.