currently i have a few memo lines on a form with a large memo for viewing all the lines together which are saved to a text document when savedialog is executed.

when i add the load function i wish for the text to return to each of the seperate memos it came from, rather than just loading all the lines into the single memo.

can somebody please help me out with this.

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Sounds like a school work assignment, so I'm just going to post the basis for one type of solution:
- you need to add a line of text as a separator after each single memo ( for example '<BREAK>') - something that the user would not normally type into the memo ( in advanced solution you would search and replace the separator in user inputted text with something
else, like <<BREAK>>' )
- after you have loaded the single memo containing all the text, you need to parse it from top to bottom (in for-loop), breaking it into the next sub-memo whenever you find the separator line ( if pos('<break>',memo[row])=1.. )
- PS. if the smaller memos cannot contain empty lines, you can use an empty line as the separator.


Thanks for your reply, i am looking into using this method now

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