We have number of projects in Delphi 5 that depends one on another and are built in right order.
When we compile them on local drive - everything does fine, all projects are compiled successfully.
When i put source on mapped network drive - one of the projects failed with error: Fatal error: SomeFile.dcu not fount.
It should be something concern network or security, but there is no idea.
Please help

I found this,maybe can help :D
Why do I get the error "xx.dcu file not found" or "xx.pas file not found" when running or compiling my application in Delphi.
The directory where you have installed the components is not listed in the Delphi Library Search Path. If you select tools in the menu bar of Delphi and then click on "Environment Options" Once you're in the environment
options window click the "Library" tab and add the path to your newly installed components to the Library path. Click OK when you are done and now your application will compile and run with out the 'file not found' error.