please help me
How can create login password window for delphi application?


What do you want to exactly?To create an app that shows an edit box and waits for the password and if it is right then send a message that it is good else send a message it is bad?

yes I write a program (delphi) I want to start this program whit login password window. Thanks

I'm sure there are ready made password dialogs out there but you can easily make your own - it's just a simple form with few labels, edit boxes and buttons. Tedit has 'PasswordChar' property that you can use to hide the entered password. ( set it to * or similar ). Call the form as a dialog using showmodal so user has to complete it before continuing.
How to implement the actual user management ( hangling & storing users and passwords, objects rights,etc) is a much broader topic.
PS. You have to set the visible property on the password form to false or showmodal will give you an exception.