hello out there

i have a program i made to scan barcodes and reformat the data it gets from com2

now when the thing scanns theres a function called
to a class but if there is no new data present it just sit's
there waiting for new data ? and will no go any further
is there a way to test a fuction if it has data or if it empty ?
and make it do something not just sit there im new to c++
and help is greatly appreciated if i worded something in correctly
i apologize

while (exit != 1)
      char zData = aPort.read (); // read com two data var by var
      char key = zData;
keybd_event(VkKeyScan(key),0x9e,0 , 0); // Press
keybd_event(VkKeyScan(key),0x9e, KEYEVENTF_KEYUP,0); // Release
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Check the class of whatever aPort is to see if it has a non-blocking read, or some way to query the port for incoming data. If not, you might want to look into spawning a separate process or thread for inputting data. At least that way the whole program won't lock up while waiting for input.


>would you happen to know any good example on how to thread?
Proper multi-threading is non-trivial, so you're not likely to find one example that will teach you what you need. My recommendation would be to browse over to codeproject.com and read up on the threading articles.

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