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Hi, I am a systems engineer/administrator and therefore new to programming and wanted some help pls...

I dunno how long it would take to program, if it could be done at all, but could someone please create a small program to vnc pc’s automatically or provide me with step by step help to achieve my goal?

It would need to be able to have a configurable area to specify an IP range. For example to do a complete ip range e.g. (We use VLANs at work)

It would be good to have a configurable VNC time (e.g. 20 secs viewing on each PC)

It would be good to have configurable timeout period (e.g. no vnc server detected in 5 secs move onto next IP)

It would be good to force the app to vnc in view only mode. (so any mouse movements don't effect the users)

Thanx very much for reading and I hope u can help!!


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lol Thanks but I already have the source code... I have NO programming knowledge and want to create a little program to automatically VNCs over our LAN...

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(Prior to your question, I didn't know that TightVNC's source code was available - I wasn't actually trying to be funny...)

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Thats ok, I probably wasn't being very clear! lol

So does any1 have any other ideas?

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This is a forum for programming help, not for hiring programmers. If you want someone to write this for you then you can get someone cheap at It's pretty clear that you have no intention of learning to program to get this working, so your thread is off-topic.

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Well gee thanks for your help! Moron! I came to this place for help and to learn obviously noone wants to help.

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I'm not the one who came to a programming help forum asking other programmers to work for free.

>I came to this place for help and to learn obviously noone wants to help.
We don't offer the kind of help you want here. There's nothing I can do about that. So instead of calling me names because you don't like the answer you got, take my suggestion and go hire someone. You'll probably get a better program out of it. If you want to continue hanging around here insulting us, I'll consider you a troll and recommend that you be banned.

Have a nice day.

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Hello Mike,

You got off on the wrong foot with your new friends here at DaniWeb. I don't think you realize that the project you are attempting to undertake and it's relevant coding.

Name calling got you nowhere, and readers now have formed a negative opinion of you. It may take some time to earn some respect. I suggest a change of attitude.

As for what you are trying to do... monitor a bunch of computer screens at a time. You might also consider seeing if your programmer can shrink the views in an option, so that you can see a number of windows at a time.

This is clearly a programming project, and not something to be done here in this forum. Feel free to discuss the modules of the program, or go through bug shooting, but this is not a solution for you.

I am going to close the thread, because I see the conversation becomming argumentative, and your question has been answered.


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