Good day to you all! :)

First, as a new user on this forum, I just have to say that this must be the most useful and informative forum I've ever visited! I'm impressed! Keep up!

But, to my thing... I've been learning c++ for a while now, by reading Deitel&Deitel How to program C++, which is a good book for beginners. Still I'd like to continue developing my skills, and therefore I'm looking for a new book. I prefer books before tutorials on the net, don't ask why... ;)

Have any of you guys/gals read some good books that handle some more advanced c++? I ask because such books are expensive and I don't want to waste my money on the wrong book... I want to make graphics, games, and functional programs that does not require Microsoft Visual c++ to run...

Hope I haven't asked in the wrong forum for this, anyway I thank you for any tip, and for taking the time reading this!

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John Smiley: begginers guide to c++

i think thats what its called! its one of the best books ever!

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