Hey there I am getting an unusual error message I don't quite understand. I was wondering if I could have some help. The error is " error C3861: 'Tests_weight': identifier not found" I hope you guys can follow the code and any helpful input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
struct T_worth{                   // Structure to create a record of a tests name,score,and weight in final grade;
	string name;                  
	float weight;
	float score;
}T_value[250];                    // array for the structure.
int OptionMenu(int);                                                        // menu
void GradeAve(float GA_number, float G_ave,float GA_sum, int GA_count);     // case 1 proto
void Tests_Weight(T_worth test, int T_count);                               // case 2 

int main()
{   float GA_sum=0;                                                        // sum for case 1
    float GA_ave=0;                                                        // average for case 1
	int menunumber=0;                                                      // menu selection
	int GA_count=0;
	float GA_number=0;
	int menu_number_returned=0;                                            // menu value returned for switch statement.
	int T_count = 0;
   	menu_number_returned= OptionMenu(menunumber);                          // call function to menu select and return value to menu_number_returned
	system("cls");                                                         // clear screen

	switch(menu_number_returned)                                           // Switch statement to process the menu selection screen
            case 1: 
			GradeAve(GA_number,GA_sum,GA_ave,GA_count);                    // menu selection 1 call; find average of a test score
			case 2:
			Tests_weight(T_count,T_value[250]);                            // menu selection 2 call; still working on this...
           // case 3:
		  //  break;
			//case 4:
			//case 5:
				cout<<"Exiting The Program"<<endl;
return 0;

	int OptionMenu(int menunumber)
        cout<<"Choose an option, or hit any other key to EXIT:\n-----------------------------------------------\n\n1.) Compute grade average.\n\n2.) Calculate a specific tests weight in your final grade.\n\n3.) Store a test grade.\n\n4.) Store a homework grade.\n\n5.) Store a lab assignment grade."<<endl;
	    cin>>  menunumber;
        return menunumber;

	void GradeAve(float GA_number, float G_ave,float GA_sum, int GA_count)
		cout<<"How many grades would you like to process?"<<endl;
		for(int i = 0;i<GA_count;i++)
			cout<<"Enter a grade:"<<endl;
			GA_sum += GA_number;
        G_ave = GA_sum/GA_count;
        cout<<"The Sum of the grades entered is:   "<<GA_sum<<endl;
		cout<<"The Average is:   "<<G_ave<<endl;
	 void Tests_Weight(T_worth test, int T_count)
	  cout<<"How many tests are you planning on storing?:"<<endl;
	  for (int index=0;index<T_count;index++)
	        cout<<"What is the name of the test?:"<<endl;
			cout<<"What is the score of the test?:"<<endl;




Line 34: It's case sensitive so it needs to be Tests_Weight (or change all the others to match Tests_weight ;) )

Line 34: It's case sensitive so it needs to be Tests_Weight (or change all the others to match Tests_weight ;) )

WoW I'm a little embarassed. Thanks.

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