I have a directlry with log files example (logs/server.log.2009-10-17 or logs/server.log.2009-10-18)

2009-10-17 01:33:00,710 Beginning a.gzip
2009-10-17 01:33:56,704 Completed a.gzip
2009-10-17 01:33:56,704 Beginning b.gzip
2009-10-17 01:34:45,828 Completed b.gzip

Now I have a directory which has all these files as well and if you do "zcat a.zip|wc -l you will find the number of rows" .

I want a script which goes and takes the zip file then checks how many lines are there in the zip file and then goes to the log
File =a.zip Date=10/17 Total Lines =2323 ,time taken =5minutes
File = b.zip Date 10/17 Total Lines =2123 ,time taken =5 minute

Howdy Gubbu!

I'm not sure I understand the end result you're looking for in this script. Is the purpose to see how long it takes to create the gzip file, or to compare time stamps between two different gzip files?