Hi all,

I'm new to Java.

*question:* Can this be done in Java as a desktop application?

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Among other projects I've been thinking is a Software Robot... kind of a super macro that goes across multiple programs.

For example (it could be anything really): say I've got a large spreadsheet with thousands of records and I want to copy cell A1, then in the program (Java) I process it (maybe read the numbers only and add a "." every two digits) and finally copy it to say a third party database.

I came across a basic robot once and I really liked it. But I want to program my own and add additional features.


Can this be done in Java as a desktop application?

One thing that worries me in particular: Can java go outside say its "box" and do keyboard and mouse commands such as copy and paste. Can I tell the mouse via Java to go to coordinates x1,y1 (which might be where the Excel application lies) copy, then go to coordinates x2,y2 (say where the 3rd party database window is), then paste?

Any help/ insight into this much appreciated.

I know the above can be done in other programming languages. But not sure about it as a Java desktop application.

Again, many thanks.

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