Please, anyone...

I put a button1 on form1 and I want to open a form2 with it.
It sounds so simple (With ms access it was!) :o

I'm tryning to do this in Visual studio express now.

What do I do?

As I understand it has to be done inside Private sub button1_click statement.

But how?

If you're so kind to tell me this as simple as possible.

Thanks in advance

dim myForm as form2

i beilive

Many thanks if it helps Zillabunny!!!

Ok. zillabunny!!!

I found the way!!!!

you only have to write:


Thanks anyway - you're the best

Hi watkins6878!

Do you also know anything about setting –up a combo box and filling it with a list from a custom query (fillby,getby- within tableadapter).

Thanks in advance!

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