Hello, I only have a very crude understanding of vb, im wanting to make a program and...

I was wondering can you get a program made w/ vb to click on a certain part of the screen outside of the program? and also, can you copy information from outside the program in another window and store it in the program as a variable.

If you have questions please ask.

Thanks alot in advance.

The above post may be unclear, and theres no edit option, so im posting again (hopefully being more clear.)

Basically, i want this program to copy information (from outside of the program) and store it in a variable.

Then make decisions based on this information.

And click somewhere on the screen as a result (of the decision).

Is it possible to make a program in vb that does these things?

I hope this makes sense. If you have questions, please ask so i can get an answer sooner!

Thanks in advance.