Hi and I am having trouble with one of the very most basics of java applets. That is putting the applet into a webpage and in that webpage specifying some parameters. The below is my code:

<object classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93" ARCHIVE="chatroom$1.class, chatroom$2.class, chatroom$3.class, chatroom.class, extender$innerclass.class, extender.class" width="500" height="480">
<PARAM name="archive" value="chatroom$1.class, chatroom$2.class, chatroom$3.class, chatroom.class, extender$innerclass.class, extender.class">
<PARAM name="code" value="chatroom.class">
<param name="id" value="doublecheck">

And as you can see I have about 6 files working together as the one applet. (Just how my compiler compiled it) Also I want to use the <object> tag instead of the <applet> tag so does anybody know how I can do this. The archive specifier was valid in the applet tag but appears not to be valid in the object tag. Not sure what to do about that?
And after that problem is sorted I will be able to test it for other problems as before it would only read "id" as a blank string so that is why i'm using <object> since <applet> is depreciated and <object> is more compatible (*cough* chrome *cough*).
Please help.
Thanks and happy new year.

Looks like the archive tag requires "a space seperated list of URLs" and you are using commas. See here for advice on the object tag.

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