i am trying to develop a tool box for simple graphics...basically i want to give users an option to use a tool box and design basic drawings at run time...the drawings would be like simple network diagrams...some nodes connected to a backbone types...

my friends (google, yahoo etc.) have not been much of a help to me (may be i m searching wrong key words)...i haven't yet figured out how to start...what to use :(

Plz help

Thanks in advance..

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Sounds like you want to create a modified paint program. Meaning, besides line and circle you have predefined shapes like square, rectangle, rhombus, trapaziod, a graphic for computer, server, router, and hub, etc...

here are some possible solutions for you...


and if they don't inspire you, please come back...

Good Luck


Dear vb5prgrmr,

Thanks for your reply, but this is not what i was looking for :(

now i have got how i would make the tool box (using picture box and command buttons :) i wasnt aware of that even), but still want to know how to make a picture/image re-sizable/movable at runtime...
the idea is - i just want user to drop a picture/image on the form from a tool box and place it at desired position on form...

sorry if i was not clear in my requirements earlier..


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