Please explain about the Right and Left shift operators in java.. I am new to programming concepts.. So please explain me with examples..

Thank you

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Basically it shifts bits.

Take for example, the number 4. In binary, its 0100. Each digit in the binary for is called bits. 8 bits = 1 byte.

If we use the bitshift operator like this

int shiftVal = 1;
int value = (4 << shiftVal);

we shift the bits to the right, shiftVal amount of times. Since shiftVal
is 1, we shift all the bits 1 position to the right, so :

//before shift
4 = 0100
//after shifting 1 bit
val = 1000;

lets take another example, consider the number 1. It binary for is
0001. If we do this , (1 << 4). That means we shift all the bits
in the number 1, 4 times to the left. So

//before the shift
1 = 0001
//after shift
val = 10000

notice the 1 moved to the right 4 times. The left shift operator( >> )
works similar except it shift all bits to the left x amount of times.

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