can any1 tell me how to display a array of pixels into a gray image using c

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You start by asking a half-decent question (did you just see Yes, or did you bother to read the link underneath it).

I mean, have you actually "tried" anything at all?

What format is your data? How do you intend to map that to a gray scale?

Which OS are you using? what compiler?

All sorts of information you could clarify to help us to help you.

What we're NOT going to do is write a complete application for you "blind" only for you to say something like
- i found it somewhere else
- that's too complicated
- what does "some trivial statement" do?

etc etc


srry for nt being clear
actually i am a newbie n i dnt knw mch hw to use forums

i was given an array containing code of a gray image n was asked to print the image using c
but i am nt able to understand wat keyword i hav to use to print a pixel

may u now understand my pblm
hpe u reply soon

thanking you


Try learning English!
Try reading the link I posted earlier.
Try reading the intro threads.

One thing guaranteed to piss people off is "leet" or SMS speak on a forum. You've got a full keyboard and plenty of space to write what you mean. This isn't some 160 char limit via SMS.

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Do or do not. Try is for those that do not. ;)
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