i want to make a program that you can add some product details later in and you can then type the product code of a product and it is added to a report that you can print as a receipt to a customer showing the price of each product and the total amount paid! i just have an idea how to do this but because i only did VB lessons for a month i am not sure i can do it! if anyone could make a sample and send it to me i would be thankfull!

Oh much like an inventory system eh?

You need some knowledge in SQL, what database to use (mostly Microsoft Access or SQL Server =/), and how to use either Data Report or Crystal report for printing. and for printing, you need to use the Printer.* object. research those stuff in google and everything will run smooth. there's a lot of sample program in the web too. :)

whats SQL? thanks..... if you could send me a project like this in a folder of this so i could see how you used the codes i would appreciate it even more....

From your post it shows u r a novice user having very little or no knowledge of the language and even u dont know what is SQL. Dont expect any one to spoon feed u the code / project in a free froum.

We are not here to do your home work. To get help from the forum experts u need to post your code that u have tried to solve the problem and exactly where u r struck.

this is not my home work!!! i just want to learn VB and had the chance to only go to lessons for less than a month!

please put your code but if you dont have any please try to have some in the books. this forum is not for teaching lessons. no offense meant sorry.

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