Hello, this is the first time I am posting in DaniWeb.com.

I am a first semester student of B.Sc(IT). Me and some of my batch mates are looking forward to organize a sort of code war, to give ourselves a test of team based projects and a sense of friendly competition. We need really good ideas for giving out projects to the respective groups.
There will be about 3 to 5 students students in each group, and we will have a time limit of around 3 weeks. Ideas for console applications using C# will be very much appreciated.
The students are first time programmers so we will want to keep the applications in the beginner to intermediate level of complexity. Also any ideas regarding how the project cam be sub-divided among the individuals of a group is requested.

I believe all you experts and senior programmers, IT workers will be able to help us.

Thank you...

well you can make a project related to library management, or college management.........
this type of projects are very good for beginner students.........:)

Ya, library management is a good idea.. On similar lines, u can also try supermarket maintenance, hospital maintenance etc