I have an application with one JFrame and two modeless JDialogs. When I mimimize the JFrame, the dialogs are still there, not minimized.
So i need to hide them. I can hide them with WindowDeactivated event which runs one time when the JFrame is minimized but when I want to set the dialogs visible again I cannot use WindowActivated event because it's running continuously so the dialogs and JFrame start to flicker...

I need to minimize the dialogs when the JFrame is minimized and maximize them after the JFrame is maximized or has normal state again. Please help.


I done it! I used the status changed event of the JFrame.

private void formWindowStateChanged(java.awt.event.WindowEvent evt) {                                              
         if(this.getState()==1){//this means minimized
         }else if(this.getState()==0){//this means maximized/normal state

Sorry I couldn't figure it earlier...

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