I need to do a project.
How can i develop a keyboard driver in C & ASM?
which book i should to consult. Its very helpful for me if i found material on internet. Please provide appropriate URL?
The keyboard is connected through USB.
if u can help me i am very thankful to you.

If you're working on windows check out the windows driver development kit. I don't know the link information, but it shouldn't be hard to find microsofts website.

No! It's for DOS. Using BIOS & DOS functions.

There isn't, to my knowledge, such a thing as a driver for BIOS. Your BIOS either recognizes a component or it doesn't. If you need this as a tool for product start by making sure you have usb keyboards enabled in your bios, if you can't use a hardware USB to PS/2 adapter, but if the driver itself is the project it will be more complicated. Are you sure you're talking about DOS here? I'm pretty sure that Vistas command line is not DOS anymore.

Can you tell us the actual guidelines of the project so we know exactly what you're looking for.