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I have developed a vb6 project with Ms Access as it's database.
When I use Ms Access as a database, during the package and deployment, I will just have to add the file ".mdb" then all is done...
-Ready to install in the client's machine..since Ms Access is file-based db.. if you got the ".mdb" file, then your app is ready to go...

However, I want to change my database into a MySql database..

My problem is, how will I deploy my project and install it on my client's machine without having problems with my mysql database,

If its ok, if someone have a free time would someone provide web links or examples, regarding this topic.

Advanced Thank you to all the readers... :)

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You will have to add the setup files to your setup package.

Then you have a couple of options...

1) Customize the Setup1.exe project so that it installs the MySQL files with, if any, of the appropriate command line switches if user wants it on that particular machine. Meaning, install the service on one machine as the server and just the program on other machines. (I must warn you that if you go this route, you need to make at least two backup copies of this project that you can find where vb is installed on your computer)

2) Use Inno, Wise, or some other 3rd party software to do this for you.

3) Include it as a seperate setup package with instructions on how to setup the system, especially if you are wanting to make it easy on yourself and the end user so that they can pick the machine the service is installed on.

Good Luck

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