How to import Xml file into a table in MS-ACCESS database using Visual Basic 6.0?
Please Help Me.....

I use Microsoft Access 2000.Is it possible to import the XML files using Visual Basic 6.0?

Here is the code to add shippers table to the test.mdb:

Dim appAccess As Object
    Dim dbname As String, xmlFile As String
    dbname = "C:\test.mdb"
    xmlFile = "c:\shippers.xml"
    Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
    appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (dbname)
    appAccess.ImportXML xmlFile
    appAccess.Quit acExit
    Set appAccess = Nothing

Note: you need to add the reference Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library to your VB6 project.

This code works great except that it opens the application Access to which you have to reply before going on. Can that be suppressed?

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