can someone help me for image converter to icon in visual c#?how to design an icon?whats the difference by using photoshop?i'm currently doing a project for image convert to icon in mobile phone..but all i want to do is just design a new icon for replace old menu icon?is that possible?one more thing>>how can i do the database to detect pictures to save it in the database?help me please.


Do you mean an Icon as in a standard sized image file of a standard image format, or are you referring to .ico files?

Either way you can make something yourself, or code something up to convert things, but we need to know what you are talking about more specifically first.


i am currently doing a project of mobile application call wheres the menu icon like messages,contacts,calendar and etc can change with the picture the user like without changing the is a contest.i am engineering student and have no background in can i convert the pic?i have search the sourcecode but i dunno how to use,is it possible to build a database for saving all the icon that had been created?how?THEN how can i design an icon by myself?

well you can do it, you can place picturebox there, and replace all pictures.
if possible, upload your project here, we will take a look at that...