Hi everyone,
I'm new here and I was really confused where to post this question but since I'm also confused about which programming language (C/C#) to use for image processing, I chose the C# section as I'm inclined to this option. However, I know a guy (experienced in this field) who advised me to use C; not because C is good, rather because C# isn't that good at manipulating images. By the way, I'm not a computer scientist student nor a software engineer but an electronics student where C# is preferred (at least where I study). I'm completely new to this field and I faced difficulties doing even the basic things in C but in C# those basic things were easy; I wonder about the more horrible things later. So what do you think the best option is and could you please recommend an introductory text for image processing either using C or C#?

Many thanks

C# can do image manipulation just the same as any other language. You can use unsafe{} blocks and get down to the image bits and do what you will with the image.

However, I would have to agree that using C is a better choice if performance is an issue since .NET has a higher overhead all around than c/c++. I use C# for image manipulation because the performance impact isn't significant enough for me to justify writing c code to handle manipulation.

There is a .NET photoshop lookalike utility called Paint.NET that is written entirely in .NET and does a lot of things with images. It is also open source:

Good suggestion from scott. Undoubtably it is GDI+ but I prefer matlab environment.