Hey! I am making little map editor for my game, I got a textbox where I from the map with numbers and program writes them to bytes so my game can read them, but my problem is how can I read character by character from the textbox?

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I think you can use the KeyDown event like this

private void textBox1_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)

Yes, but I meant like if I got many characters in row like 123342532652 how I can read them seperately one by one, I don't want to read the whole thing just one by one.

Grab the string textbox.Text into a string mystring and march along it with the index (so mystring[0] is the first character, mystring[1] being the 2nd, etc.)

Thanks a lot, jonsca! Accessing characters C-style is way cooler than complicated parser decisions.


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