Dear sirs,

I am trying to learn in 2005 and 2008.Where can i get good tutorials to learn basic as well as advanced. OOPs and web development etc.

thank you

i saw the links some of them i mean. i have some doubts for start
when i try to use dim a as integer it is not recognized by Vstudio.
I am trying to learn all that i learned in VB. Besides i am not sure which project to open to start with Console or windows. In the tutorials i have seen so far there is little about oops. Every body seems to have their own approach.

In short i would like to do all that i did in VB in 2005. I am still looking at the links.

eg: to add two numbers on button click


this is not accepted along with dim , i tried with "int " it worked but i am not able to get a grip.