What is the difference between CObList and CList?

If we use a CList as - CList<CObject*, CObject*>, is it similar to CObList?

CObList is a linked list of CObject class objects (or derived from CObject). CList is a linked list (template) of any c++ class. If you want to know specific difference then look them up (google) on MSDN.

I am porting a windows based application to qnx. So, I just wanted to know if it is required to implement the coblist class also, or just a typedef for clist will work. Because, if I use CList like this-

typedef CList<CObject*, CObject*> CObList;

then for what functionality do I need to implement CObList? I dont need the serialization property from CObList.

I'm not familiar with QNX so I can not answer your specific question.

If you want to port a MS-Windows program to an *nix-like os then you might as well use a cross-platform library, like wxWindows, wxWidgets or QT. Don't try to port specific MFC functions or classes, but just the functionality of your program. You will probably wind up rewriting parts of the program, but isn't that what you are doing now?

Well, thanks. But taking that decision is not in my hand.... :))