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I am a newbie in VB.NET .....I am using Sql Server Express 2005 as my database...

I am currently working with my THESIS... A Human Reources Information System that concerns only with the file and record management of the employees... With two modules.

a. Administrator for HR Manager (w/ installed vb.net and sqlserver express 2005)
b. Staff for HR Clerk(w/ intalled vb.net)

Here is my problems:

1. I want to learn how to connect my vb.net application in each other using TCP/IP or any network connection tips...

Scenario: If the client Save/Edit/Delete/ a record automatically it will saves on the admin sql database.

a. Do i need to install vb.net software in each p.c
b. How to setup the connection
c. Ant Tips?

2. How to save and retrieve image in a folder( i am using list view to retrieve the data)
- can u give me sample code?

3.Do i need to have a database backup on my admin module?
- can u give me sample code?

4. What is the code of Keyboard Enter Key .. so that i can use Enter than to click any button...

Thanks!!! I need to Finish this one ... :)

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connection string used TCIP/IP and a specific IP address:

Data Source=,1433;Network Library=DBMSSOCN;
Initial Catalog=Northwind;User ID=sa;Password=;


Do the admin module with sql server express database will share first the folder containing hrdatabase?

I am having a trouble in our Cost an Benefits Analysis in our Thesis..
Do we need to buy vs 2008 and installed it into the client and server.
And an SQl Server,to run the application?

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