Hi Everyone,

I Need a simple project which is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in VB.net the project features are

1. I have to send multiple SMS from a mobile device connected through a USB.
2. I have to receive SMS from a mobile device and parse it and store it into various text file.

Please help.. it will be better if any of you can upload the project with solution.


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Please help.. it will be better if any of you can upload the project with solution.


Better for whom? What do you think you'll learn from that?

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I am ready to upload.

How much you are ready to pay me ?

The aim of this forum is
Learning by others
Teach others


Earning Money


tqmd1, read the entire thread and re-evaluate that post.

sayeedbd is just wanting someone to hand him a completed project. That is a work for hire.


Look friends,
I am not wanting any one just do this job for me or else. I know how to work with VB6 but now I wish to develop all my developed program redevelop in VB.Net 2008. I just want to learn. I am not going to develop for sale or else. If you can then help me or I can find my own way by reading books but if you can help then I can save my time and money also. Thanks for commenting on my thread. Good luck.


Who is administrator of this forum.

Any way you can create your own application in JAVA. you can even send and receive sms from java you don't need to purchase any service. you can do it by using gsm modem or even your mobile phone.

Check this out and download it by searching from google.

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This VB section and has nothing to do with Java.


You can find some explanation, how to send SMS with VB.Net, here.

You can find some more by Uncle Google :)

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