I'm new to python, and have just recently started using it as a means to circumvent my lack of calculus knowledge when performing physics equations. The problem I'm working on now is fairly simple, but I'm getting a bizarre syntax error I don't understand.
Here's my code:

## Introduction ##

print "Welcome to python syringe velocity calculator!"
print "Please enter the following units in centimeters for distance,"
print "kilos for mass, and seconds for time."

## inputs ##

r= input("Internal radius of syringe:")
Lo= input("Distance from plunger to cap before expansion:")
L = input("Distance of plunger to cap after expansion:")
M = input("Mass of plunger:")
R= input("Number of recalculations(higher for more accurate values):")

## Entering equations in the correct order ##

Px= 10.1
pie= 3.1415926
Ar= pie*(r*r)
Vo= Lo*Ar
Vi= Ar*L
Pi= Px*(Vo/Vi)

F= Ar*Pi-Ar*Px
A= F/M
V= 0.0

print "Calculating..."

while t <= input("Duration of calculation:"):
    L = L-((V*(t/R))+(A*((t/R)*(t/R))/2.0)
    V = V+A*(t/R)
print "Calculations complete"
print "time elapsed:", t, "second(s)"
print "position of plunger (from cap):", L, "centimeter(s)"
print "velocity of plunger:", V, "centimeters/second"
Print "internal pressure:", Pi, "newtons/centimeter^2"

While I'm sure there are numerous errors (all of which I would greatly appreciate help working out) I'm most recently stuck on a mysterious syntax error on line 32:

V = V+A*(t/R)

Looks fine to me. Can anyone tell what the problem is?

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A closing parenthesis is missing on the previous line. Also the last line has Print instead of print. There are other errors.

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