Greetings! My Instructor is asking me to do something that I am totally confused about. I need some assistance. Thanks!

Here's the information:

For the lab this week, create an original single-file command line program that does the following:

1. Prints your name (First and last)
2. Recursively computes the Fibonacci number for the number of letters in your last name and displays that result. (For example, if your last name is Smith, then compute the 5th Fibonacci number.)

The file must follow this naming convention.


So, if your last name is Smith, your attached file would be called As always, make sure your program is properly indented, properly commented, and variables/classes follow proper Java naming conventions. (E.g., Camel-case such that class names start with a capital letter and variables+methods start with a lowercase letter.) Neatness counts.

How did you fiqure that out so fast? I had no idea how to get started.

And also don't forget to rename it as :)

By the way, he is your teacher.

Good luck :)