I had a while loop in a run method, and in the while loop were a series of if stements. the series of if statments were in a try. my hope was if any if statement conked out it would catch the error, and continue the while loop ( the catch is in the while loop) and if there is more data it would try fresh and maybe that if statements routine if() { routine} wouldnt throw an exception. but what happens is if i do something wrong the whole run method stops doing anything. i was looking up an array at array[-1] by mistake in some cases. here is the code.

public void run()
		int a=1;

	newBoardData temp = new newBoardData();
	if(temp != null)

// other if statements looking at temp.dg ==

if(temp.dg == 13 || temp.dg == 16 || temp.dg == 19)// 13 16 19result

							//writeToConsole("in dg 13 16 19 result");
							int gamenum=getGameBoard(temp.arg1);
// this line was my error. if gamenum == -1 dont want to do myboards[gamenum]!=null, should be next line if statmeent to check that if we know its not -1	
if(gamenum==-1 || myboards[gamenum]== null)
							myboards[gamenum].gameEnded(temp.arg1); // pass game number
							updateGameTabs("W", gamenum);
	try {

	catch(Exception e)
}// end no data

}// end try
catch(Exception e)

} // end while
}// end run

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I think i figured it out. my method is returning on error. so i leave the run. i put the series of if statements in anotehr method that is called from the while loop so it can return but continue the while loop.


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