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I am newbie in learning Visual Basic. I am using Visual Basic 6 and trying to create a simple program that will check or track the time. I have enclose an attachment of my program but no VB code yet. Here's how my program goes... I have a text box1 were I can enter the ID No. I have textbox2 where the name of the person will be displayed once ID No was entered. I have 3 option boxes for 30, 20 and 15 minutes break intervals. If I select option 30 minutes break, this will calculate the start time and end time given with 30 minutes break. Once I click the Time IN button, textbox3 will automatically display the time the Time IN button was clicked. Once I click the Time OUT time, Textbox4 will automatically display the time the TIME OUT button was clicked. If I exceeded the alloted 30 minutes break, then the exceeded time will be displayed automatically on textbox5. Im sorry if this sounds confusing but please I need your help. Thank you in advance guys.


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you only supplied a project and not the form.

Give this a try I think it does some of what you where looking for.
basic user id - user
and time calculations

Thank you so much for the reply Bovski. You almost hit bulls eye on what I am referring on my project. I appreciate the codes and i'm learning very much. One thing I would like to do with my project is when the user click on 15mins LOGIN or 20mins LOGIN or 30mins LOGIN button, the current time will automatically be displayed on textbox2. On the other hand when the user click on 15mins LOGOUT or 20mins LOGOUT or 30mins LOGOUT button, the current time he logout will automatically be displayed on textbox3 as well. Then the overbreak time or remaining time will be displayed on textbox4. Also, is it possible to display automatically the LogIN and Log Out time of the 15,20 and 30 mins time on the excel sheet where the user and user ID are displayed? Thanks a bunch again! :)

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