hello please help me on this i have gui then it has 2 textfield, input your name then input your last name...when i click the add button the 2 textfield are clear then when i click the search button there will be JOptionePane.show input dialog then prompting the user "Please Input name to be search " then if it is found it will display on the JTable..please help me on this how to make this code.hoping for your positive responds..thanks in advance...

  1. create frame
  2. create 2 text fields and 2 buttons
  3. use layout manager to arrange above components
  4. add above mentioned comments to frame
  5. associate actions with buttons, that mean provide validation logic, some functionality to communicate with database(to establish connection to save data and to retrieve data based on other data provided by user) and do not forget to create pop up with JOptionPane
  6. job, do not forget to handle in for assignment marking