I am new to perl scripting language, While i am working with this i got a problem in this.When ever i am trying to redirect to a next page uisng perl script i got the problem it did not redirect to the next page.
here i am explaning with file names:
First i have index.html in this i have registration file link whenever i clicked that registration link my page redirected to registration.html it will work perfectly ,because it was a html link.here is the actul problem i have some text fields in that registration page i need to save those data into the database,for that i wrote one perl scripting file containg database connections up to here it will work.
After storing those data into the database i need to redirect next page, for this i need to write redirection code in perl scripting language.Here i am getting the problem.
Please help in this issue.

One way you could do it is by using an html meta tag in perl for example:

print "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='1; URL=nextpage.html'>";

I am not sure what method you are using to make use of perl in web tech. If you are using cgi then, this will help out in redirection

print redirect(param("page to which you want to redirect"));