I have a question of how it would be possible to change the IP address to a randomly new IP address.

How would I go about to do this ?

well A) this is unsafe as you dont know whether or not you have a static or dynamic ip b) if you did this with a static ip i gurantee you would have to call your isp's tech support. could you enlighten me on to why you would need to do this ? im curious.

EDIT: also it would be impossible to directly call it. you would have to send a request new ip message to your isp's server (if its dynamic) then they randomly assign you a new one that is in their possesion. on windows there is a command to request a new one in the console (some routers have this function too ex. some linksys routers have it.). however you can request a new in person or on the phone from your isp.
isp=internet service provider.
EDIT2:your isp assigns your ip. you can't really control what your ip is. there is as far as i know no functions for this. also shouldn't this be in the hardware /software /networking/ section. i wish i could change my ip to what i want so i could remember it but eh. sorry :(

You cannot change the ip address, if you are using static ip address. But on request to your Internet service provider you can change static IP also.If it is dynamic ip address, you can change it easily by resetting the modem or switching it off and on.you can also use Proxy server or Hide ip address software to change the ip address.

To check the ip address before and after changing, Visit the site IP-details.com. Here you can search IP,domain host and it also includes city, country, global latitude & longitude coordinates etc.

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It's important to know on which level this should work.
When you talk about LAN then you can assign any IP you want.
When you talk about WAN then you got your answers from above.
Your provider gives you the IP for WAN activities.

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I have a question of how it would be possible to change the IP address to a randomly new IP address.

How would I go about to do this ?

Search with Google for : Free proxy server
They might be slow. Paying a fee will speed up their service.
Take care,use your antivirus software while using them:
"Malicious Web Site Blocked"

search by googe..surely it is better

i honestly think he means "a way to spoof IP" and probably by modifying the packet content to replace his true IP with a fake one, which, as far as i know, is not 'reliable' since you will be able to spoof the (sent) packets' IP, but you won't be able to recieve anymore packets since th other end is sending them to another address(i could be wrong though).
and i think he wants to spoof ip to be able to connect to servers which he was banned from?

I don't really think he/she cares since the thread was bumped from 3 years ago.

The IP address of your system cannot be changed by a C/C++ program in most cases. I have to ask, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?