Hi there. Please i have a little problem with a report i want to generate in a program i've written. The program is to be used to check the attendance of students and at the end of a month of checking the attendance, print a report of how many times a student attended class and how many times they were absent. I know how to use the crystal report wizard to connect to the server and select the database and tables and fields to display in report. What i want to do now is to count the number of times of presents and absents for a particular student, say, for within a month; like from the first day the attendance checking commences to a month later. I don't even really know where to start. I've read a lot of material from the MSDN Library such as filtering data with selection formulas, setting parameters with discrete values and range of values; i've even learn't how to write the formulas using the basic syntax. I however don't have any idea how to apply them to my problem and have it solved. I need your help, please, and before you start qouting the rules to me, i have read them like a dozen times and i know them but in my case, i barely know what to do. Please help me with this one. Here is the table and the fields i have in my database and following is how i want it to appear in my report.
TableName: Attendance

This is how i want my report to be:

StdID Times Present Times Absent
BA454 67 5
CS445 56 14

Please help me with ideas, anything at all that can help me get this thing done please. I've read the MSDN as well as some other tutorials but i seem not to get from them, any way to get this problem solved. Thanks in advance for your help.

>Is it impossible with crystal report? .

Crystal report can't do all these things you have mentioned. You need to use joins and aggregate sql functions or may be you have to write stored procedure.