I need your help. I'm searching for very tough C++ tests over the net. Can you send me links of such a tests.

Thank you!!!

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Every C++ test I've seen online has been lame. You'd be better off asking us for tough questions and collecting them into your own test.

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Usually C++ test are useless. A test just shows that you know definition( in a sense). It does not really show how well you program. Instead of looking for a test, how about you program a big project, with big being
subjective. Learn a new skill. Do you know anything about AI? Do you
know anything of templates and the crazy techniques one can do?
Bottom line, forget about a C++ test and go program some new things
to develop your understanding in a subject that is new to you, or enhance by creating better code on a subject you already know.


>A test just shows that you know definition( in a sense).
I think a good test is more than multiple choice. The test questions should force you to think about a problem and write out a short essay or code answer. Unfortunately, multiple choice questions are easier to write and easier to grade with a computer, so that's how online tests and up being written.

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